NET Profit Focused Ecommerce Training 
That Gets Results For Students ($140/live attendee)
Complete DFY set up provided to remove every obstacle for success
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$1997 one time or 3 x $997 - 50% commission
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This training shows everything I've done since 2015 to generate over $6 million with ecommerce. But more importantly how my students have been able to generate 6 figures as well following my simple system. 

The biggest differentiation for my webinar is that I show people my NET profit numbers, NOT just my big Gross screenshots. Anyone can make a big screenshot, but running a business that makes actual 30% average NET profit is all that matters. 

Everything is broken down into easy to follow steps. The training is very detailed on exactly how to get set up, find products to sell, and make money.

One of the main things that keeps people from making money with Ecommerce is the steps involved to get started. So the course includes a complete DFY setup:

- Logo
- Store design: banner, pages, structure
- domain propagation
- 15 products added to the store
- Finding a reputable supplier in their niche
- Google Analytics integration for deep tracking
- 15 min jumpstart call

Also Included:

- Group Coaching via FB Group
- Ad Templates
- ROI Tracking Sheet
- Abandon Cart Email Sequences
- Post purchase Email Follow Up Sequence

Webinar Details
The main focus of the webinar is my student Jeff who generated $250k in 2018, his first year online!

I break down objections and show people why Ecommerce is still the #1 easiest, and fastest way to create a side income online. And I break down my 4 year old proven process for getting into profit fast. Jeff made his first $100 day in 7 days. 

Affiliate #1 promo:

210 live attendees
30 sales live
14% conversion rate

Total stats below:

Affiliate #2 promo:

75 live attendees
9 sales live
12% conversion rate

Total stats below:

Affiliate #3 promo:
45 Live attendess

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Broke non profit worker makes $100/day Net profit in 8 days
I want to show you exactly how how a broke non
profit worker with zero online experience was
able to take a simple 2 step business, and turn
it into $100 net profit in just 8 days.
I know, it sounds crazy. But that is exactly
what my friend Jack is going to show you
this Friday at 2pm Est.
He is going to lay out the entire system.
Nothing held back. He is even going to show
you the exact products that he sells to
accomplish this.
You do not want to miss this training!
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P.S. We will only be holding this call one time.
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Jack is going to be revealing his actual 7 figure
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You are going to learn:
- What type of products to sell
- How to find them
- How to scale them
- How to be profitable right away
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P.S. This isn't some sales tactic. Jack is
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He's not scared. He's got a system. And it's
not that hard to replicate. So make sure you
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And not only will you see his proven winning
products, but he is also going to show you
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Jack is holding nothing back! He is literally
giving everything away.
Because he is tired of all the lies and mis
information in the market. You are being led
to believe that this is harder than it really
And now it's time to prove it.
Sign up now: link
Can't wait to see you on the call,
P.S. Don't be late or you might not be able to
get a seat!
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Skype: jack.scanlan2
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